Different Types of Business Signage

If you’re not putting thought into the way your business is presenting itself to the world, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. Proper business signage is a huge part of any successful business. A good sign serves a number of essential purposes for your company.

For starters, a sign tells the customer where you are and what you’re selling, of course, but it also indicates the kind of customer to which your store caters. A strong sign can tip the scales on an impulse buy, too, or drive in foot traffic you may not have otherwise received.

Of course, when the time comes to buy or update your signage, there are plenty of business signs in Los Angeles County, CA from which to choose. Here are some of the most popular options.

Plywood sign

Though not often the first choice for entrepreneurs, there are several benefits to a business sign made from plywood. Just like hardwood floors in a home, a refinished plywood sign adds an air of elegance to every storefront. Even more attractive is the fact that wooden signs are much more durable than a lot of alternatives, which means they last for a long time to come.

Painted glass sign

If you don’t have an extensive budget for signs for your business in Los Angeles County, CA, having a pane of glass painted with your company logo is a charming way to advertise your presence to passersby on the street.

Laser cut signs

Looking for a business sign that is chic and inviting? Give some thoughts to the benefits of a laser cut sign. This novel means of advertisement sees your logo etched into a piece of metal that can stand on its own. Laser cut signs can also be placed on top of a light board to give your logo its own signature glow.


When it’s placed above the façade of your company, few business signs are as effective as a signboard. Though traditionally done with just the name of the company, there is still plenty of room for creative freedom on a signboard. You can use metal letters to add a touch of class to your signage, or you can use multi-colored letters to convey a sense of whimsy. Those are just two of the examples on offer.

Rock signs

If your shop is at the end of an extended drive, a rock sign at the driveway entrance could be just the thing to catch the attention of drivers passing your shop. Rock signs are also the perfect accent for a business that wants to emphasize its connection to the natural world.

ID Graphx has you covered

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