What Information Should You Know Before Ordering Promo Items?

Offering promotional items is a great way for nearly every business to establish their brand and keep their company in a potential customer’s mind—that is, if they order the right kind of promo products in Los Angeles County, CA.

It’s not hard to decide which types of products will work best when you ask yourself the following questions. Taking these factors into consideration will guide your decisions and position your company for the most success possible.

What are your marketing goals?

Your marketing goals are the most important thing to consider when deciding on promotional items in Los Angeles County, CA. If you’re a beer company, custom bottle openers or beer koozies are a natural fit, for example—but you wouldn’t use the same items if you’re marketing baby goods to pregnant women. Once you’ve found some ideal products, think about where you’ll be distributing them. Are you going to trade shows or street fairs? Will you be sending them out with orders? Taking all of these things into consideration will help you decide which product is the best fit for your goals.

What is your budget?

Budget is naturally the next big consideration. Will you be ordering this product more than once? How often will you have to reorder each year? You want to invest in quality products, but not spend more on your advertising than you get back in profits. One way to do this is to calculate your cost per impression.

When do you need them?

If you need a rush job, you’ll likely have to pay more, and that can affect the type of products you order. Conversely, ordering more exciting products well ahead of time allows you plenty of wiggle room to see if they work with your brand and gauge how customers react.

How much do you need?

Quantity is always important—larger orders will likely need more lead time, but you’ll also be eligible for bulk discounts. The key is to determining how much you can feasibly give away without affecting your bottom line or get stuck with too much leftover product.

Do you have vector art?

Anytime you’re printing custom promo products in Los Angeles County, CA, you’ll need vector art—images that can be scaled to any size and still produce crisp, clear images. Make sure you have vector images available whenever you talk to a print shop.

Do you have a contact person?

Finally, decide who will be the contact person for your order. This is especially important when you’re preparing for a big event, when things can easily fall by the wayside. Having a contact who handles the order will take something off your plate.

Promotional items in Los Angeles County, CA

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