How to Order the Correct Quantity of Promotional Products

Once you’ve decided on a promo product for your next trade show or event or to give away with your orders, the next goal is to figure out just how much of that product you’ll need. After all, you don’t want cases of products to sit around in your garage collecting dust, but you also don’t want to run out too quickly. Here’s how to choose the right promotional product quantities in Los Angeles County, CA:

  • Figure out what kind of item you need:
    Certain items are more popular than others—external batteries, tote bags, Pop Sockets and novel products seem more desirable to customers—but don’t underestimate the power of a good pen or notepad, especially at an event where people will need to take notes. Determining the kind of product you’ll use can give you a clue as to how in-demand it’ll be.
  • Compare to past events:
    If you’re returning to a lot of the same events this year, compare your numbers to the previous year. If it’s an entirely new type of trade event, you should make your goal to have a number of products equal to about 25 percent of the total projected attendance. If that seems low, bear in mind that you won’t be giving your products away to every attendee, and not even every person who stops by your booth. However, if this is a custom event like a wedding or charity gala, you’ll want to have something available for each guest.
  • Your yearly event schedule:
    If your business does multiple events per year, make sure you put your order in all at once, if it’s feasible—you’ll be eligible for better bulk discounts and won’t have to wait for your print shop to finish the job when you’re down to the wire. Having some products on hand and taking up space in your facility is worth it when you start with the right promotional product quantities in Los Angeles County, CA.
  • Orders and office giveaways:
    Finally, consider whether you ship out promotional products with your orders, or give them away at the office. Consult the numbers on how many orders your company is expected to generate and how many products you give away each year, in order to guide your next order.
  • When in doubt, ask:
    Sometimes it’s impossible to predict what you’ll need, especially if you’re attending a new event for the first time. In that case, ask previous vendors or attendees what their experience has been like, and you’ll get a better sense of what kind of numbers you should be working with.

Promotional orders in Los Angeles County, CA

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